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What We Do

We uplift the voices of our clients and employees in order to impact positive change.  Our goal is to manage today while building tomorrow, as we continually empower voices in the community. We do this by leveraging our diverse experience that enables empathetic and supportive behavior - we thoroughly listen to your needs, then act.


This natural response and our unique experience creates a genuine, honest and trusted partnership with healthy communication.

Have a Great Day on Purpose!



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Sometimes all a program needs is a little bit more power.

UpLight provides management services to power successful delivery.



We bring more collaboration and quality to your projects.

Agile IT


Why wait, when you can iterate, iterate, iterate to lower risk?

We provide functional support to decrease the burden.

We guide you through goal alignment and accomplishment.


Who We Are

UpLight believes every idea, every initiative, every project deserves consistent and quality service built upon understanding and integrity to be great.


We execute a consistent level of hard work and dedication.


We pay attention to the details, provide organization and thoroughness.


We think out of the box, and strive to provide a diversity of thought. 


We are genuinely honest, and we become your Trusted Partner.


We listen to your needs and ask the right questions to find a solution.

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