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UpLight believes that management services are vital to the success of an organization and the activities within that organization.

Portfolio, Program & Project


It is powered by things such as strategy, project planning that is actionable and timebound, uniting clients and teams for effective and efficient collaboration through leadership, ensuring strategic alignment and quality of service, managing and mitigating risk, as well as tracking.

Per the Project Management Institute (PMI), "Portfolio management is a way to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation." Portfolio management is selecting, prioritizing and controlling an organization's projects and programs to be in line with its strategic objectives and capacity to delivery, ensuring the organization can leverage its project selection and execution success that increases business value.


Program and Project Management is not only needed for large-scale efforts, it is valuable for any size and complexity level. One of PMI's 2018 Pulse of the Pression surveys 

concluded that a common cause of project failure is poor management in a time of change and that 9.9% of every dollar invested (that's $99 million for every $1 billion invested) is wasted due to poor performance.

Agile IT Management

Why wait, when you can iterate, iterate, iterate. It is powered more by continuous evaluation and analysis that increases flexibility and lowers risk.

First please update the second sentence of the initial statement to reflect "It is powered more by continuous evaluation, collaboration and analysis that increases flexibility, productivity response time, and the prospect of customer satisfaction and success."

This is the era of digital transformation, which can encompass the redesign of an external user experience to updating IT systems, internal processes and/or technologies. Agile and product management methodologies such as but not limited to Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP) and Agile Project Management help with rapid delivery of quality product and/or change to increasingly complex challenges/needs. It is also a way to ensure the voice of stakeholders, inclusive of the customer - end customer, are at the forefront.

PMO Services

It is powered by the standardization or outsourcing of activity and process (e.g., vendor management, financial management) that should ultimately decrease burden.

Strategic Management

It is powered by managing today while building beyond tomorrow in this new world of accelerated change and transformation.

This is more than strategic planning, it encompasses the next steps and taking action. The analysis and decision-making support is diverse, impartial and independent. (not sure if this is too strong, but this could be seen as a benefit in some politically heightened organizations). We balance initiatives with change management and business-as-usual with portfolio, program and project management to meet goals and objectives.

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